Oh my…WORDS!

Carolyn ATTEMPTS to explain herself

Hear: The word for “fear-of-pain”
Carolyn cringes just-THINKING-about getting-tattoo’d:

Hear [here]: How panning for gold offers better odds than winning the lottery!

Hear why: Even before Saturday mail delivery goes away…
…you might be wondering: Where’s the dang mailman?

Hear how: Fear-of-wrinkles is “a guy thing!”
Carolyn explains “Spectrophobia:”

Hear (repeatedly): “Death-by-a-thousand-reminders!”
GENTLY-persistent Carolyn explains…nagging:

Words about junk food…and the strange dreams it can cause…

Carolyn chips-away-at her long list of Words-You-Never-Heard.

QUICK! Pull-over! But to WHICH side?

Ride with Carolyn…unless you’re “a shunpiker.”

Cyber-Carolyn tangles with technology.

And tangos with it!

Having “a bad hair day?”

Was it something Carolyn said?